Who Am I ?

Letters To A Friend

Nov 19

Dear Friend,

We’re watching Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times in school… I hope you won’t figure out where I go. But even if you did you wouldn’t know who I am… Cuz I’m who am i.

Oct 22

Dear Friend,

These are my choices for would you rathers:

halloween cancelled forever or easter cancelled forever: easter

the internet or a bf/husband/etc: husband

add 2 hours of sleep to the day or add 1 more day to the weekend: 1 more day to the weekend

have your mind serve as an ipod so you can listen to music anytime or be able to watch your dreams on tv: dreams on tv

have your first kiss all over again with another person or stay the same: don’t know

go trick-or-treating or go to a halloween party: trick or treating

Oct 21

Dear Friend,

So as I said before I am not going to use real names and maybe not even real ages and birthdays in this. But here is the all about me:

Name: Scarlet

Nickname: Scar

Age: 17

B-Day: November 11th

Current Location: Underland

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: None

BF: None

Siblings: One


Colour: Purple

Music: Pop, Rebel, Punk, Alternative, Rock

Sport: Hockey

Holiday: Christmas

Food: Macaroni & Cheese

Number: 11

Movie: What’s Your Number

Celebrity: Ellen Degeneres

Place: Wherever My Heart Is

Drink: Arizona Lemon Ice Tea

Day Of The Week: Saturday

Month: August

City: The City Of Atlantis (underwater)

Animal: Dog/Wolf

Time Of Day: Early Evening

Smell: The Ocean/Rain On Pavement

T.V. Channel: ABC Family

Song: (there are too many to choose from)


Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs

Pepsi Or Coke: Neither

McDonald’s Or Burger King: McDonald’s

Chocolate Or Vanilla: Vanilla

Lover Or Fighter: Lover

Friends Or Family: Family

Love Or Money: Love

Listen Or Talk: Talk

Personality Or Looks: Personality

Magazines Or Comics: Magazines


Are You In Love: No

Have You Ever Been In Love: No

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: Yes

Kiss On First Date: I Would Say Yes


Drugs: No

Drink: No

Any Regrets: Many

Want To Get Married: Yes

Want Kids: Yes

Do You Believe In Yourself: Yes

Last Movie You Saw: Perks Of Being A Wallflower; Yes It Was Good

Can You Handle The Truth: Sometimes

Biggest Fear: Spiders

First Thought Waking Up: Noooo!

How Do You Want To Die: In My Sleep

Do You Get Along With Your Parents: Yes

Do You Swear: Yes

Do You Have A Pet: Yes, A Dog Named Sadie

Have You Ever Passed Out: No

Do You Party: No

Do You Get Good Grades: Yes


God: Maybe

Religion: Maybe

Aliens: No

Ghosts: No

Afterlife: No

Yourself: Yes

Karma: Yes

Magic: No


Eye Colour: Brown, Green, Silver

Hair Colour: Brown Or Blond

Short Or Long Hair: Depends

Height: Tall

Piercings Or Tattoos: Depends

Just Cute Or Sexy: Depends

Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, Writing, Reading, Hockey, etc, &/or

One Girl Man: Definitely